You know that moment when the clouds part, a ray of sun focuses, and you hear an angelic chorus procalim "ta-daaaa"? I just had one of those!

When I was little I read the most wonderful set of books about a jewish family in pre-war NewYork with five little girls. Finding these books was no small feat in rural Tennessee. But, my aunt was an English professor and had a tendancy to bring me THE most fabulous books!

I've wanted to find the set for years and years. Eventually I gave up, assuming that they were out-of-print. Turns out I was misremembering the titles!

Today I was cataloging the school library. As I processed Harriet-the-Spy, I casually checked the inside front page to see if Sport or the Long Summer came next in the series. Turns out, the Long Summer does but the REAL find was on the page across from it -- a list of other books by Yearling. Blah-blah-blah-All-of-a-kind-Family-blah. THERE! That sounded really familiar. Could it be? Was it? Really?

YES! I just checked on Amazon and YES All-of-a-kind-Family is THE set of books by Sydney Taylor! Still in print! Admittedly, ridiculously expensive. $12 for a paperback! But, still. Available. And known. I see them in my future :)


My best memories are the books I read as a child. I LOVED (still do) reading! My Aunt was an English teacher, and all of my cousins groaned that she always bought us books. I offered to take them off their hands! I still remember the year she found me the entire Nancy Drew series at a yard sale. All hard-backed, beautiful condition. I wore them out!

BTW, I'm the book-giving Aunt now. *grin*

Leni | 02/21/2007 - 03:21 PM
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