Blank Stare, Perpetual Expression

Last night I noticed a new joke book on my husband's nightstand, for the kids. I picked it up, and idlely thumbed through it while talking to him. Here's how THAT went ...

Lucy: Oh! This is cute. I'm so glad you got it. Can I put it in the "school library" now?
Husband: Sure.

Lucy: They'll love these. Listen to this: What's yellow and goes round and round?
Husband: Tweety in a blender.

Lucy: (Blank Stare) what? WHAT?
Husband: (slowly, between laughs) Tweety. In. A. Blender.

Lucy: No. A Banana in a washing-machine.
Husband: Your expression was better for my answer! Priceless!

Yes, boys and girls, my children come by it honestly. You know, that desire to make Mommy's head implode.


;o) It's fun to laugh together though, isn't it?

Leni | 02/21/2007 - 05:20 PM
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