Magazines Every Where!

Only this first part is blatently copied from my comment at Leni's:"Do you like magazines? Because its occurred to me that most of my friends don't. Which I find odd. A lot of them don't read much either. Which I also find odd. But, then again, I AM the one that married the first guy I met that spent his hard-earned money in college on tuition and "real" bookcases for his books. LOL. We met when we were both working in a bookstore near campus, and we both took the jobs because of the employee discount!"

Personally, I get a ton of magazines. I think about 30 or 40. Hard to tell because they're continually lapsing, new one coming and going. Right now the number is a little inflated because when I'm pregnant (like I was with Katherine last year) I ramp up the magazine subscriptions! And diversify. I don't necessarily adore the car-magazines like Motor-trends, but the boys love them! And fish and travel and home-repair and photography and cooking and design and ...

Magazines combine my favorite activities: Reading and Getting Mail. And if you think Getting Mail isn't an activity, you've never done it correctly. Start gradually, wondering several times a week "Hmmmm! I bet I get some great mail today!" Work your way up to waving at the postman. If you're feeling in top form, write your local postmaster a letter about how nice your postman is. They get TREATS for good letters!


30 or 40 magazines??? I'd be buried...or is that why you're building a new home? I wrote a post about magazines several years ago. I found it was a quick way to get to know someone when I was in sales. Even if all they read were business magazines, I knew that they didn't have a life outside of being an actuary. (Yes, I called on actuaries!) I cut way back on my magazines a few years ago, but more are creeping into my life. I suppose today I might ask what blogs they read!

My husband and I connected over books also. The first time he came to my house, all he wanted to do was peruse my bookshelves. I didn't think he even noticed me, but all he remembers is the blue dres I was wearing.

Earth Girl | 03/09/2007 - 02:05 AM

On our first date, Steve let me read some of his writing...I think I was hooked from then on. He didn't even know of my love for books and writing at that point!

Although, I must say, in my best Miserly Moves voice, "I see a way you could save some money!!!!" LOL!

Leni | 03/09/2007 - 03:33 PM

Oh, Honey! If you only knew how much money I saved!

First, I NEVER pay retail for magazines. Go to, make sure you sign up for their "email" list. Every few weeks they'll send me a code to use for an additional 20% off. Which can be coupled with the deal of the day. And only check their "free" magazines, which are really "free plus S&H" which is about $4.50. I've gotten some of theirs for as low as $2.00. REAL magazines, full subscriptions, popular titles. Like ArchitechuralDigest and MarthaStewartLiving. Check back weekly, their prices change according to sponsor-contributions. Basically, they've adopted the marketing strategy of drug-dealers! Give a good intro-deal, get them hooked, they'll renew like crazy. Except that I'm not crazy. I let them lapse and then re-subscribe cheap! Bwahahaha!

Second, I've paid for my habit many times over with a wide-range of house-ideas and solutions :) Although one time a contractor years ago walked into a room over the garage that we were remodeling and sighed. "Southern Living? February 2002? Cabinets on the cover shot?" I gasped! "YES! How did you know?" Another big sigh from the contractor. "Yes, I can do them. I do a lot of them. They'll be perfect in here. Just like the cover shot." Another big sigh. But, he did them and they were indeed perfect. And then we moved.

Third, its an outreach ministry! No, really, it is! After I'm done, about once every two months I drop them off in the waiting room at the local clinic. Or, if I'm going into the city, at the maturnity ward. Now-adays, most post-delivery pain-killers are administered by IV. Which means that the patients are pretty much stuck in their rooms. Last time, I couldn't figure out where all the patients were (since I'm a pill-versus-needle kinda girl) and the nurses kept telling me it was so nice to see someone up and about. Well, duh! If they hadn't hooked all the other patients to their beds then they'd have been up and about too!

Fourth, coupons. This months OrganicGardening (which is good, but not as good as it was when Mike-the-Editor was there three years ago) has a coupon for Free S&H at a website that I was going to shop at anyway. WhoooHoooo! $8.00! And since I subscribed for $3.49, I actually MADE money!

Fifth, it gets the kids in the mindset of reading. They see me reading. They see interesting pictures. They read. They talk about the stuff they've read. Admittedly, they then want to go to BoraBora and hunt for rare figs!

Lucy | 03/09/2007 - 10:55 PM

I think my ever-shifting list of magazine subscriptions currently looks something like this:

National Review (since ca. 1975!)
The Weekly Standard
The American Spectator
The Claremont Review of Books
Reader's Digest (will probably let this one lapse, it ain't what it used to be)
National Geographic (lifetime membership, HS graduation present)
The Anglican Digest (also since ca. 1975)
Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life
Computer Shopper (Christmas gift from our Youth Fellowship)
Ode (wherein I keep up on the maunderings of the hippy-dippy Left)
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society: A Quarterly Journal in American Philosophy

Paul Burgess | 03/10/2007 - 11:46 AM

Truly, you are the master!

Leni | 03/12/2007 - 08:39 PM
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