I've got a little cough. I've also got a little bag of cough drops. And there-in lies the problem.

Well, actually, the problem is that I told the kids we were going to Disneyworld when I lost a hundred pounds. Talk about motivated! 23 pounds down and counting. Literally. We count on Mondays and color the little squares. They ty to be helpful. They encourage me to exercise, they intercept treats. My husband doesn't bring home candy anymore after Cassie explained firmly that I couldn't have it. She also answered for me matter-of-factly when he asked if I wanted a waffle for breakfast "Mommy would rather go to Disney than eat waffles" (His eyebrows get a real workout sometimes as he looks at me and my shoulders slump and I agree with the closest member of the DietPolice) Yes, there's a point ... stay with me ...

I generally don't like cough-drops. Halls Mint aren't bad for night, but during the day I prefer Horehound-tea-drops. Like lemon-drops, but a dark "tea" color. I'm rarely "coughing" sick, so the kids had never seen those. When I pulled out a baggie of them yesterday, and was about to put one in my mouth, the boys lunged across the table to snatch the baggie from my hands!

Ron grabbed the bag and Lee yelled "noooooooooo". I saw the whole thing in slow-motion! The next thing I knew Ron had thrown the baggie across the room and Lee was babbleling something about gross-rotten-mildew-mold-spoiled-food. Thats right, gentle readers. They thought the candy had gone bad. Because in their rainbow-world no one would ever make a candy look that gross. They were saving me. Yay for them.

So then I explained that horehound-tea was good for sore-throats and coughing and it was made from tea and it was supposed to look like that. They were unconvinced. Ron picked up the idea that the white stuff on the outside didn't look like tea and ... it was probably mold! I should get a clean-mommy-award that my boys have no clue what mold looks like. So then I explained that the white stuff was finely powdered sugar that keeps the "drops" from sticking to each other, like lemon-drops. They didn't hear anything after the word "sugar".

"Sugar?!?" "SUGAR!!!" I might as well have told them that I had seen communists parachuting out of the sky into the backyard. Eyes flared, they lunged for the bag again. But I was quicker this time. And taller. And buffered by large pieces of furniture. Yes, I had to run around the table until I could effectively command that I NEEDED the medicine in those tea-drops whether it had sugar or not!

Things calmed down. Looking back, I realize they calmed down too quickly and that I should be suspicious anytime my boys give each other a look-n-nod. Because it doesn't mean "yes, I too see the light". It means "regroup behind the shower-curtain in five minutes". Ok, it might not mean that exactly. But pretty close.

And, thus, three or four hours later when I reached for another cough-drop I couldn't find the bag. Ron glanced over at me, casually asking "Looking for the drops?" "Yes, I am. I thought they were right here." "They were. But not anymore. Sugar. Is. Bad. For. Your. Diet." I looked up in surprise. Out-manuevered by a nine-year-old! And from the look in his eyes, a look I've seen in the mirror, I knew I wouldn't be getting those drops anytime soon ... No sooner than my father got back his salt all those years ago.


You've created monsters!!!!

Have any Cod Liver Oil capsules? Does wonders for stopping a cough.

Now tame those beasties, and get your cough drops back!

Mommy won't lose weight if she's laying around with broken ribs from coughing!

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