Yummmmmmmm. Thats a much better intonation than Ommmmmm. It should conjure the most sugary treats in the very best possible shapes. Yummmmmm.

Yes, I've been ogleling the Williams-Sonoma website again. I find it oddly ... soothing. Especially the NEW! petit four plaque which turn out THE most adorable little cakes in flower shapes! If I were to get a special treat from Williams-Sonoma THIS would be the special treat that I wanted most. I'm just saying. Now or later. For what its worth. Christmas is coming. Someday.

Then I look longingly at the sandcastle pan, not to mention the railway pan. Although, the images on the website are nothing compared to the decorated cakes on the covers of their print-catalogs ... I find myself looking around thinking "hmmm, I should put sprinkles on SOMETHING" ...

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