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First, sorry its been so long since the last posting. I've been working 20 hour days. My husband had to go out West for a funeral, and we all know I don't sleep well when he's not here :( So, making lemonade out of lemons, I got a lot of packing done :) I know, I know, y'al thought I was already completely packed for the move. I mean I've been doing the "serious" packing. Like packing all clothes except for one light duffle per person. And breaking down the beds. For example, my husband pointed out "I can't get in the closet because there's a pile of boxes in front of the door" to which I replied absently "hmmm? Oh. Doesn't matter. That closet's empty ... "

The children are a bit un-nerved by this sudden shift in their reality. Which leads me to the first thing I overheard ... One of the boys asked Cassie where something was. She shrugged, tilted her head, and widened her eyes "I don't know. Maybe she packed it!" This is now the standard response to ALL inquiries for object locations.

As my husband was getting ready to leave for New Mexico, staggering in from the office at 2:00am to get ready to leave at 5:00am, he turned to me and said "I always have the best intentions ... *sigh*" in reference to the fact that Mother'sDay got moved a week for me so we can all celebrate together in a few days. Ok, so maybe THAT wasn't overheard. More just "heard". But I wanted to blog it because it made my heart sing. Did you really pay attention and get it? Think about it! He really does have the best intentions! We've been married forever, and he STILL has lovely plans for me. Even now when he's essentially working three or four jobs. If you think about it, THAT'S what women want from men. We don't want treats, we want them to want to give us treats. Everything else is frosting :)

Really overheard from random strangers, but it made me laugh to no end so I thought I'd share:

Stranger #1: Are you sure he's an architect, because I thought he owned a gay-club?
Stranger#2: I'm sure. Definitely.
Stranger #1: No. I'm just positive he owns a club.
Stranger #2: He told me with his own lips that he's an architect.
Stanger #1: Hmmmm. Because I really thought he owned a club.
Stranger #2: Too bad that he doesn't. If you're going to be gay, you should at least be entrepreneurial about it!

I don't know why that amuses me so very very much. But it does! I laugh just typing it! I would wonder what that says about me, but I try to stay away from too much inner-examining after I passed the sociopath test :P

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