There Comes Another Moment ...

... when you realize that being Southern is like riding a bicycle. Sure, you might not "do" it for awhile, but when you really want to, it all comes back.

And, so, a "little charm and mental hair-toss" later (and a discussion of why drunk-rafting is wrong and why its important for my nailpolish to match the picnic-table-cloths), I saved about $450 dollars on the rafting package. Or, I suppose, I "saved" about $200 and got a $250 dollar upgrade for free that I didn't even know was possible! Which made the girls at the front desk gasp when I stopped by there this afternoon to do a "visual" of the picnic location and they saw the notations on my reservations. Apparently THAT'S not happened before ...

I'm telling ya, God is definitely taking charge of my reunion!

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