How Things Are Different With Boys

I switched my little girls for the neighbors older kids in order to have real "helpers" today at the house-site. Rewarded them with a trip to the Chinese restaurent that their mother hates. It was nice. Everyone got soda, and whatever weirdo combination they wanted off the buffet, and a dinner-size plate of dessert, and I refrained from pointing out that every last one of them held their chopsticks wrong.

I'd like to say that I refrained because I was a puddle of relaxation and a font of serenity. In reality, I refrained because I have bigger things to worry about. Last night my husband said it would take a miracle for us to be moved in before the onslaught of relatives. He's a master of understatement and non-drama. Do you see why that might give me pause!?!

So I'm sitting there at the restaurent and notice that Ron has started a game of charades at the table, inspired by TheUpsideDownShow, with the condition that each charade be "something that can kill you". He's actually pretty good. They were all impressed that I managed to guess "nuclear submarine" without stopping my hand clenching and staring vacantly at the window. It further amused them that I guessed it in the same tone one might use to inquire if one's guests at tea would like another scone.

It drove them over the top when I said it was my turn. I resumed clenching my fist and staring vacantly at the wall. They guessed all kinds of crazy things, and then I told them my charade was "a tense Lucy". My sons looked at me and blurted out "thats not right, its supposed to be something that can kill you" ... the neighbors' kids laughed so hard soda came out their nose!


LOL! I think I would have spurted soda also.

I have an idea. All those reletives that are showing up early...put them to work! Let them earn their keep!

Leni | 05/25/2007 - 09:15 PM

Oh, Leni! Have you not been paying attention!?! The last time I believed that ... someone ... might help me was when I had an emergency c-section and it didn't go well. Someone volunteered to "help you anyway I can" while they stayed with me as houseguests the day after I got out of the hospital. So I asked for vacuuming, since that would be hard on my incision. "Oh!No, I can't do that. I can do anything except vacuum." So I suggested unloading the dishwasher since bending was bad for the incision. "Oh! No, I can't do that. I can do anything except vacuum or unload the dishwasher!" (Do you see a pattern? Didn't take me long to catch on either ;)

Lucy | 05/25/2007 - 09:59 PM
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