Katherine The Basset-Hound

Katherine our toddler is about 18 months now. Full of energy, full of adoration for our dogs. We have two golden retrievers. Big fluffy slobbery frisky golden retrievers. While Katherine loves them enough to follow them from window to window babbleling and pointing and sighing and whispering "dog", she is perhaps a little in awe of them. They have a tendancy to lick her toes wildly when she goes out to play, and jump in circles around her. They seem to adore her too.

Lately, Katherine went to visit my friend who owns a basset-hound. An older extra-lethargic basset-hound. He just lays there. If you rub him, he'll roll over on his back and ... just lay there. If you sit on him ... he'll just lay there. Katherine is fascinated! He's smaller, with short fur, and seemingly no slobber!

I noticed this morning that Katherine has taken to walking into a room, laying down, putting her arms and legs in the air and just staying there for a few minutes. I didn't get it until Ron walked through the kitchen bent down and rubbed her tummy, "Good doggie"! I almost passed out laughing ...


ROFLOL! I have a friend on a homeschooling board who once heard her toddler son barking. When he didn't stop, she went to investigate and discovered that the next-oldest child had put him in the dog's crate (locked) and told him to be a good puppy. lol

Leni | 05/30/2007 - 04:07 PM
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