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Now playing at a location not near you. Probably. Yes, the move is underway! So far the beds and towels have been moved over. None of the kitchen stuff, or food stuff for the "party". Which is Tuesday night. And the house isn't completely clean yet either!

Its ... interesting. No land-line because the neighbors that need to sign the permit for the phone company to cross their property are getting divorced (hence neither one will sign ANY legally binding document). No computer line because its not necessary for the party. Basically, we're operating in "panic" mode. If its not necessary for the party, its not getting done. Yet.

Last night I even dreamed about the joys of mopping. Thats not sarcasm. I've reached the point where I'm THRILLED to be mopping because it means the vacuuming is done!


Not going to be hearing much from you this week, are we?

I hope you have a wonderful time! So glad you're moving stuff!!! It's really happening, woohoo!

Leni | 06/04/2007 - 03:27 PM
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