In Lucy's Head Today

My husband has pointed out that my head must be a scary place to be. That was on a long car-trip and he was laughing and shaking his head listening to me ramble aimlessly among thoughts. I suspect he has that thought occassionally even when we're not traveling. Here's things in my head right now, in no particular order or significance.

If pscychology students are discouraged from experimenting on family and friends, who ARE they supposed to experiment on?

I don't like strawberry smoothies as much as I thought I did last week.

Wonder if Einstein was "people" smart, or just "smart" smart and how he really truly felt about seaweed.

BBQ sauce is yummy. Can you drink it on a liquid diet? What about salad dressing?

Words mean things. Then they don't.

Most people don't understand the dynamic of submission and domination, the nuances of passiveness versus submissiveness. Hmmm. Knew that psych degree would come in useful for something. Wonder if I'll get banned from Google for suggesting deviant uses for BBQ sauce? (Lol. Sometimes I crack me up)

I'll find The Long Kiss Goonight dvd and watch it tonight while doing yoga. I'm going to thwart the overweight kindergarten teacher that highjacked my body. THIS isn't me. Its time people stopped pretending that it is. Not that I feel a need to kill frogs.

Hippos love chocolate. Not today. 'Cause I'm That Guy. Its possible that the French are so far down on the morality scale as a nation that they can learn to improve themselves by watching American movies. Now, THAT'S a scary thought. What does it suggest about the current state of France? What does it say about American media?

Buying the Cupcake Cookbook might have been a mistake. We've read it like a story-book everyday this week. Maybe it WASN'T a mistake. Afterall, they like so much that we've read it like a story-book everyday this week. Still, I refuse to let them see the WiltonCakeDecoratingAnnual book. Yet.

Shudder! THAT would be an amazing Christmas gift for Cassie. She would just DIE of joy right there. I HAVE been meaning to take cake-decorating lessons. I wonder what the age limit is for those classes. Does a six-year old actually NEED to know how to make frosting-flowers? *sigh* Yes. She probably does. What if she loves it? What if she's the next Colette? What if ... I can make school lessons based on copying recipes. Could be a booster/motivator for reading development! YES! THIS IS THE COOL CHRISTMAS GIFT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I WIN!!!!!

*stop* *deep breath* *off to google cake-decorating classes and find out the minimum age* *smug internal grin*


Lucy!!! Welcome back!!!!!

Looks like you once again have a functional Internet connection, which is pretty much more than I can say for myself on this otherwise fine Wednesday morning.

Paul Burgess | 07/25/2007 - 02:14 PM

Ah, it is so good to see you back!

In a easily predicted Leni/Lucy twist, I also buy books like that for Christmas. Last year ds got Emeril's "There a Chef in My World" and this year he's getting Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here For the Food."

More posts from Lucy! I demand it!

Leni | 07/25/2007 - 02:22 PM

Paul -- So sorry to hear about more problems with StupidIsp. Me getting internet access involved a weird tumor looking thing being anchored on top of the lookout-tower-treehouse in the backyard, cable trenched into the house, clear line of sight into the nearest town (which is shocking since its 9 miles away), and a couple of VERY determined young entrepreneurs who are SO going to make me happy or die in the attempt. Unless its storming, and then they can't do anything about that.

Leni -- Hi there. You DO zooba, right? All hardbacks, all the time, always $9.99 and no shipping ever. *sigh* ummmmmmm, boooooooks *sigh*

Lucy | 07/25/2007 - 02:42 PM

What is this Zooba of which you speak?

*Off to search*

Leni | 07/25/2007 - 11:27 PM
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