Oddly Enough

Oddly enough, its taken me until today to realize that my husband is a ringer for the actor that plays RobinHood season one of Robin of Sherwood (an old BBC series). (youtube link of video clips from series set to BonnieTyler)

Which also reminds me of something I read on a site somewhere along the lines of "all mommy bloggers seem to think their husbands are perfect and what a perfectly hysterically ridiculous delusion that must be but its funny for the rest of us".

Which leads me to remember something that happened when MY husband was in grad-school. I was sitting in the cafe with a friend and a friend of her's came up to us and sat down to chat. She looked at me for a minute, and then pursed her lips, straightened her shoulders, and informed me that my husband was sitting in a class full of guys and all the girls had clustered around him. She had seen it herself through an open doorway a few minutes before when she was walking down the hallway!

I just looked at her blankly. She was astounded that I didn't care! That I didn't leap up, dash up the stairs to confront him with being ... very nice. And very smart. And very charming. And very handsome. AND very married. It took her awhile to get it.

What I find extra-interesting (at least to me, and I could certainly talk about him endlessly) is that he has no clue. At all. Good haircut. Green/gold eyes. White button down. Jeans. Girls half his age give him a second look! You want to hear something extra-extra-interesting? He doesn't want to hear it! He thinks that if I give him too many compliments that he'll get vain and THAT would be a problem!

So. He's very nice, very smart, very charming, very handsome, very married, AND very modest. I hope this post doesn't make him suffer too much. It seems a shame to punish him for being perfect!


Hmmm. Especially between minutes 3:00 and 3:07 ...

Lucy | 07/28/2007 - 07:47 PM

Wonderful post, and the same sort of thing happened to my husband. Only it was one of his employees going gaga over him. She actually confessed later to me that she like working with him because he had a cute but.
The nerve! :)

Leah | 07/31/2007 - 07:57 PM
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