Lucy's Little Project

Note to Husand: NO READING THIS FOR YOU! ...

So, do we remember exactly what Lucy's Little Project is? [Pause for me imagining you saying "Sure we do! Its where Lucy gets "little" by losing eleventy-million pounds! And, itsn't that the custest name for it ever!?!]

Have you ever wondered what Lucy does when not eating? Because now I'm wondering that myself! Apparently being on a serious "pretend lap-band surgery" diet really frees up a lot of time otherwise spent either preparing to eat or actually eating. I find that interesting. And somewhat disconcerting. Because if I'm not careful I find myself using that time to THINK about eating. Which leads to nothing good. Well, at least nothing good for My Little Project!

Like with cranky toddlers, success is about distraction. I decided that I don't care if the mailman hates me. I love to read, and that will keep me occuppied. Therefore, it seemed like a good idea at the time to subscribe to 24 magazines. (Big sale at With coupon most of them were only about $3 for a full subscription) Yes, I know 24 magazines is a bit ... excessive. Well. I have an excessive amount of weight to lose! It was significantly cheaper than surgery. And its not like I smoke and drink and gamble and curse. I suppose the cursing is free, but it just sounds like it should be in that list.

Until the tidal-wave of magazines arrives, I've become a regular customer at Blockbuster. We belong to that Blockbuster-by-mail service, which is just like Netflix except that instead of mailing back the movies you've watched you can turn them in at the local brick-n-mortar location, using it as a coupon for a free movie rental on the spot!

Instead of aimlessly wandering around the store, I've started on the left side with the plan of working my way around the store alphabetically. I just grab the first thing that even remotely tickles my fancy. This is leading me to watch some truly attrocious movies. Yes, and a few good ones have surprised me as well.

My husband looks at me (I imagine) out of the corner of his eye with confusion. I've never been all over-the-top crazy about Blockbuster before and now? Now suddenly I know the clerks by name. I speculate he's concerned that this is one of those wildly dramatic personality changes that indicates a brain-tumor. Or maybe he thinks I'm using all this "movie time" to cover my rampant planning for a really OUTRAGOUS Christmas holiday! (Yes, I have been known to watch video while brainstorming for "events")

Actually, I SHOULD be using that time to plan a birthday party for Ron, who is turning 10 in a few months. You remember, I only do parties on 7,10,13,16 years? And those parties need to be really super over-the-top cool for a wide range of ages? *whirrrrrrr* [the sound of gears spinning] [I forsee party-blogging next week]


I have a girlfriend that only does parties on 4,8,12 and 16.

I am starting to plan our Labor Day Fiesta! (It was a Luau last year, as you may recall.)

I just don't know what I'd do with all those magazines! Oh my. For a clutter-bug like me, that might be disasterous. I'm going the other direction. Instead of eating, I am purging the house of clutter.

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Leni | 08/01/2007 - 05:59 PM
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