Lego Scares Me

No, I'm not afraid of the toys. I'm not REALLY afraid of the company. More just awe, I suppose.

Rarely, if ever, have I seen a company so clever and charming about their customer-service! They're just ... happy people. Even the recording when you're on hold with questions (and, yes, I manage to have "lego" questions) is a "happy" voice directing you to "push one to buy FUN products". While on hold, I really did have the image of tons of "fun" products being shipped by happy employees to giddy customers!

Questions were answered quickly and pleasently, leading me to edit my on-line order. Then I made a mistake on the fill-in-the-blank-address form. When I hit the button, did I get a glaring reminder to re-do the form from scratch? No. No I did not. Instead, it was a gentle reminder that I had forgotten to fill in the blank for "state". Filled that in, hit send, everything went well. Contentment oozed out of my computer.

THEN, they started to scare me. The next message was "Fun Things To Do Next!" with an option of ging to their site, and playing great games (like Brickbuster, don't ask me how I know) or subscribing to their free magazine (which is indeed both fun and happy, trust me). "Hmmmm. If I sign Katherine up then she'll be distracted from ripping up the older kids' magazines!" So I clicked on that option, WHICH TOOK ME TO A FORM PRE-FILLED WITH MY ORDERS SHIPPING INFO!!! All I had to do was plug in the correct childs name!

The Scandanavians are going to take over the world. I see it now. First HannaAndersson. Now Lego. Soon the world will be a fun and happy place :)


How can you go wrong with Legos? I need to get that magazine for my ds. Hmmm...

Leni | 08/02/2007 - 06:22 PM

1-800-453-4652. Ask for BOTH the FREE Lego magazine AND the catalog :)

Lucy | 08/02/2007 - 08:00 PM
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