Eleventy-Million Magazine Subscriptions

More than one person has pointed out that they'd be lost forever under mountains of magazines if they subscribed like I do (which is excessively with enthusiasm and exuburance) The key to success is not becoming attached to magazines. Look at it, read it, move it OUT!

There are lots of places that can benefit from a pile of good magazines. The local ER, where the wait can be for hours and hours. Or the maternity ward (now especially useful since most patients painkiller are administered through an IV which makes moving around more difficult). Or the local domestic abuse shelter. Or friends and family (extra-appreciated by those going on long car-trips). Or Neighbors who have colds (a pot of home-made soup and a pile of magazines is a GREAT combination).

Besides, its good for kids to see you read. And to see that you value reading. I read an article years ago, I wish I remember where, written by a doctor who was top of his field. His single mother had worked as a maid to support her two sons. She noticed that a big difference between poor and rich houses was that rich people had books and poor people didn't. She decided that the key to "rich" was to read books. So she took her sons to the library every week to get a book, which they read and then wrote a book report on. She made them stand up straight and read her the report when they were finished. He realized when he was an adult that she made them read the reports to her because she didn't know how to read. Incidentially, his brother turned out well too. Now, I'm not saying that having eleventy-million magazines will guarentee that my children turn out well. Still. I think it helps them see reading as something both interesting and valuable. Indirectly, THAT will encourage them on the path to turning out well.

There you go. My eleventy-million magazine subscriptions are really just a manifestation of my desire to be a good parent!


If that makes you feel better, dear. *snicker*

I agree on the reading thing. Kids do what they see.

Leni | 08/07/2007 - 03:00 PM
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