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Remember me posting about my new "project"? Well. Its over. [Note to Husband: You might as well go read the link] Not the project part, exactly. I'm just on a different time-table now. Highly accelerated. I thought we were going on vacation in late Spring, VERY late Spring. Now? Now, we're going on vacation the first few weeks of January! So I need to lose eleventy-million pounds by New Years!

This is no longer a pleasent surprise for my husband. This is ... is ... The March To Disney! Yes, we're going to Disney during the first of January. I have to be in really good shape by then, it involves a million miles of walking. And fitting in little seats for the rides. Well, they seem "little" to me.

Sure, Disney is a great place. The Happiest Place On Earth. But I was counting on those four extra months to prepare for the experience. This has effectively cut my training time in half! We're looking at areobics twice a day. Argh! And I skpped it this morning because I slept on my arm wrong! Argh!

I was a little less than thrilled about the "new" plan, until my husband made it ok. He can do that, you know. We can schedule the trip to NOT overlap the once-a-year-shoe-sale at that little boutique I love in the city. AND, surprising treat for me, he mentioned that I needed to find out when the sale was so he could make hotel reservations soon. GOOD hotel reservations ON SITE! Yay for me!!!!

I'm pretty sure he knows me AND loves me :)


LOL! He SO knows me. This morning I was looking on-line about Disney-park-stuff (to distract me from the wonderfulness of cold pizza for breakfast) and I found the interesting tid-bit that only three of the hotels have mono-rail access to the MagicKingdom! (And that you can ask to be put in the first car which has a WAY better view)

I casually mentioned to my husband that this certainly made it easier to pick a hotel -- I DEFINITELY wanted desperately one with mono-rail access. He just laughed and said "I knew you wanted that already"

I find that super-funny because I didn't know that already :)

Lucy | 08/08/2007 - 02:50 PM

LOL! Well of course he knows that!

Now listen, missy. I know you have a grand plan, but do not hurt yourself with obsessive work outs, hear me? Nothing will frustrate you like a pulled muscle or twisted ankle that keeps you from exercising at all!

Leni | 08/09/2007 - 03:42 PM

God bless you for being concerned! As I told my father recently (about cleaning out the garage) "I'm determined, which is not the same as stupid"

Let me assure you, with great conviction, that I stop well short of self-injury! I'm not a "no pain, no gain" kinda girl. More along the lines of doing more and more ... and more and more and more ... very low-impact things. I guess I'm a "just walk one more step" kinda girl :)

No kidding, I'm fond of those videos for old people in nursing homes! And my favorite areobic video, by far, is one Kathy Ireland did because of pregnancy.

Ones I don't love? Richard Simmons and Paula Abdul. What are they thinking!?! If I could do those crazy routines, I'd be super-skinny already :)

Lucy | 08/11/2007 - 02:20 AM

Glad to hear it!

Hey, gonna email you a question.

Leni | 08/11/2007 - 03:26 PM
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