Crazy Week

I mean "crazy" busy, not "crazy" people. Here's the official statement for the week:

No, I'm not dead. At least don't make that leap until I've not posted for two weeks. Its just that assorted repair people (plumber, electrician, appliance, computer, carpenter) had all better be making appearence this week. Plus, I still have to go over to the old house, finish the boxing (three days of hard labor) to be ready for the movers on Thursday to empty the old house into the new house garage.

Also, to mention briefly: post-office, printers, dance-studio, Blockbuster, Walmart, Kroger, Lowes, pack the school-room, unpack the school-room, set up school-room, switch the girls closets (ugggg, they were all organized, sigh), lose some weight, feed the family something sometime, stay on top of laundry or else.

As much as I love you (and I do love you) (ok, some more than others) blogging doesn't make the list this week. Having said that, I bet I blog wildly while procrastinating :(

On the other hand, I'll have a good time if I blog wildly this week :)


Don't you just look forward to getting into the routine of school and activities again? Every year, I crave the down time of putting homeschool books away, and then I can't wait for structure and sanity again! lol

Be productive!

Leni | 08/13/2007 - 04:46 PM

Woohooo! Structure and Sanity for me!!!

Lucy | 08/13/2007 - 06:19 PM

Lucy, the thought of handling even a fraction of that within a week makes my head spin. Then again, you'll be that much further ahead by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, here I sit, waiting nigh three months on a backhoe to dig up my front yard (leak in pipe between well pump and house, keeps flooding parsonage basement), waiting over a year on an electrician, waiting on an ISP which is uninterested in helping me with Internet woes which have persisted all summer except for four days right after the last time I called them to complain (though I do have an ace up my sleeve on that last one, stay tuned).

Argghhh... plumber, electrician, and computer person, all in the same week?! Plus much, much more? Makes my head spin. But then again, I envy you. :-)

Paul Burgess | 08/16/2007 - 01:57 PM
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