Top Ten Reasons Lucy Didn't Blog

(10) The Move is done. Really done. Totally done. All our stuff, WAY too much stuff, is under the new roof. This was no small feat with four small children and a husband working three jobs.

(9) Husband working three jobs. Now down to two. Down to one and a half in January.

(8) Ugly hard-drive crash. Fortuately, I've learned to leave my email on the server. Lost some recipes. And my log-in url for blogging. Don't mock me. It could happen to you. [Thats my scary-Halloween-thought]

(7) Sam moved in. With me. Well, technically, with us. Sam AND the new baby. Then her mother visited. Boy THAT'S a story I won't be telling here! Then they went on vacation.

(6) Then my parents came to visit. My mother was a little ... stressed. I gained 16 pounds in 11 days. Managed not to yell at anyone. Yay for me! Now, I find myself craving green beans and unsweetened cranberry juice. So. We're having green beans and cranberry juice for dinner :)

(5) My husband wants to be in charge of Ron's tenth birthday party next month. I'm a little freaked. Thats my "thing". Sure, sometimes he really comes through far more creatively than I do. On the other hand, what if he gets the flu (like he did that Christmas I had to do his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve)? I can't be legendary at the drop of a hat! I should be thrilled this is what I have to worry about.

(4) Scheduling is out of control. Ballet, cheerleading, karate, basketball, Awana, homeschool association. GAH! I'm about to lose my mind. How do people do it!?!

(3) Then Sam comes back this week. I like it when Sam is here. I wonder how long she'll be here. I'd love to have her here at least through the holidays in January. I'd forgotten how easy it is to just ... be ... around her. Still, there was a lot of damage done. Its hard to see her ... not completely herself. Yet.

(2) Distracted by youtube. No, really. Its scary whats out-there! Bunnies and kitties and The Mom Song.

And the #1 reason I've not been blogging, which escaped me until today, is that ...

(1) I hate my new desk. REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like the new desk. Actually, I like the new desk/table. I just don't like sitting at it. I'm short. Its tall. Thats a bad combination. BUT ...

I have a plan. I'm moving the school-room next week. The new desk-table won't be moved to the new location. Sure, it may seem radical now, but it'll work. I suspect thats also why I haven't been journaling our school progress as thoroughly as I used to and why getting a schedule for our school-day is driving me nuts and why laundry is piling up. Ok. Maybe not the part about the laundry :)


Lucy, I am so glad to see you back again! Week after week, running down my blogroll every day, and Lucy's latest post recedes further and further into the past...

Anyhow, welcome back!!!!! :-)

Paul Burgess | 10/17/2007 - 01:12 PM

Started to write my Top 10 Reasons I'm Glad Lucy's Back, but decided to blog it, cause this is comment space, not blog space!

Leni | 10/18/2007 - 03:25 PM

Glad to see you back too. Was getting a little concerned about you. Hang in there!

Jennifer | 10/19/2007 - 09:40 PM
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