Dodging The Bullet

Yes, I know that its good for children to have some choices. Yes, I know that sometimes they will get money for their birthday and Christmas. Yes, I KNOW that its important to let them spend their own money as they will so they can learn from the experience.


I also think its good for me to guide them somewhat before they fritter their money away on a DarthVader-voice-altering head-gear that will enable them to find out what it would sound like if DarthVader said "oink". Or, more exactly, if DarthVader performed a relatively true-to-life-pig-sound. Which is more a wierd snorting sound that I can't spell, instead of just saying "oink".


I consider it a victory of no small proportions that instead of THAT, Lee has decided to spend his money on Walker-SeasonTwo. I was so delighted that DarthVader will not be oinking at me from around corners and under tables that I made the effort to find it on sale (two-for-one) so that Lee will actually be getting both seasons Two and Three! An opportunity to teach shopping skills AND an opportunity for lots of fervent hugging. Win-win-win-WIN for me :)


Count your blessings. Cause when Grandma decides that your household just HAS to have the Darth Vader-voice-altering head-gear, nothing good will come of it.

Our ds got it last year, and I'm hoping he doesn't find it again soon, because the whole family (except for me, of course) turns into idiots when that thing comes out!

Leni | 01/07/2008 - 07:49 PM
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