Attack Of The Hairless Rat

I have a slight fever, part of the sinus infection which is just enough to make me whiny and sleep-deprived. Last night, after a trip to the bathroom for tissue and nose-spray, I laid back on the pillows gingerly ... grateful for the dark and the possibility of an hours sleep before the next trip for tissue and nose-spray. Thats when it happened!

I was attacked by a Tap-dancing Hairless Rat.

There was a lot of flailing and garbled screaming choking sounds. Then there was some giggleling sounds. Those weren't mine. So. At that moment I realized I was being attacked by a little girl.

Well. Maybe "attacked" is the wrong word. See, I was on my husbands side of the bed because it shortens my endless trips for tissue and nose-spray. It was really dark, and Cassie is REALLY quiet, so she crept super-quietly to Daddy's side of the bed to wake him up to get her some milk. She knows to wake Mommy with gentle-but-firm-earthquake-shakes, but she wakes Daddy with crazy-tickle-fingers!

It is ... ill-advised ... to wake Mommy with crazy-tickle-fingers!


LOL! For a moment there, you had me thinking that you were literally attacked in bed by a molting rodent!

Paul Burgess | 01/20/2008 - 01:51 PM
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