What Crazy Must Feel Like

I lost something. Something valuable, to me anyway. Something I had put away safe to be prepared for an important deadline. Y'al just know how I love being prepared! I went to The Spot to get The Thing for The Event. It wasn't there.

I was completely speechless. I called for my husband. I tried to find words. Nothing came to mind. Short abrupt sentences. "I lost The Thing. For The Event. Lost The Thing. Lost. Thing. Right there. The Spot."

I was so shocked I was past hysteria. This is probably what I'd be like if I found a dead body in my closet. It was SO shocking because I usually don't lose things, certainly not important things. Like my car keys. Or my glasses. Or my fingernail-clippers. Often in our house I know where OTHER people's lost things are. Its simply my nature to know that someone left his school-belt under the bed in the guest-room. But this was not one of those times. To make ir worse, it was beyond possible that someone else had moved The Thing from The Spot.

Trying to be supportive, my husband mentioned that he was sure The Thing would turn up eventually. Perhaps I had moved The Thing from The Spot to another spot? Shaken from staring blankly at the wall, I explained coherently (I think) that the problem wouldn't be solved by The Thing reappearing, because the absense of The Thing was not the problem. The real problem was that Lucy had gone crazy! This MUST be what it feels like. To know that you have done something significant, and yet there is NO recollection of it! Not even a blank spot of memory, just NO clue that you're crazy but you simply MUST be.

His eyes got a touch wider as he realized what I was saying. We went to The Spot and just stared at it. I went back to the kitchen and sat down. He patted my shoulder, smiling cautiously as he edged out the door to work, assuring me that of course everything would be fine. (At least being married to me is rarely boring)

And here is the moral of the story ...

Do not doubt yourself. When faced with a problem, search for the solution that does NOT involve you being crazy!

This came to me as I sat in the kitchen drinking chocolate milk. I am me, and I am NOT crazy. (And if I did happen to be crazy, I still wouldn't LOSE The Thing. Self-awareness can be a powerful tool) I went to The Spot. I stared at it intently while swirling chocolate milk around in my wine glass. (I like pretty glassware, even if I don't drink) I felt like Sherlock Holmes. I knew that the answer had to be right in front of me ... and it was. The Thing had shifted in The Spot so that another thing camoflagued it in plain sight! Optical illusion!

Yea! Happy-endings all around! I found The Thing! I turned out NOT to be crazy! My husband didn't have to watch me stroke-out over losing The Thing, or the consequences of not having The Thing at The Event!


OK, so finally, a way we are not alike. I lose everything. Constantly. To be fair, it's not that I lose them, it's that I have no short term memory. So I very well may have moved the thing from the spot, but only remember that I put it in the spot originally, not that I moved it two days ago.


I'm glad you found the thing in the spot for the event. lol

Leni | 10/21/2008 - 06:21 PM

Lucy dear, where have you gone???

Leni | 11/04/2008 - 01:03 PM
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