Just So You Know

Just so you know ... I don't talk about it all the time (because its kinda a given in my day and would bore you to tears) but I still pray. Sometimes for Bruce, who doesn't want to go to service at the Baptist church although it would make his wife giddy (mostly that he gets what he needs from his non-service-attending-relationship-with-God :) Sometimes for Dean, who's baby was in the hospital and who has stress. Sometimes for Arnold Harris of Mt. Horeb Wisconsin, because I'm not "blue in the face yet" and I worry about him. Sometimes for Tammi, who REALLY has stress. Sometimes for practically eveyone I know.

And lots of times for people I don't know at all. I just wanted you to know, when you email me a "prayer request", I do it. And not that useless rote chanting either. Real prayer is conversation with God, telling him about things that are important to you, which he wants to hear because you are important to him.

So, how can people I don't even know be important to me? Thats easy: Jesus died for them. He loves them, I love him, it all flows together. Its not so hard praying for people you don't know, because people are people. We all have worries and stresses, mostly about the same things: money, health, family, friends, jobs (or the lacks there-of) In a way, I kinda know everyone :)


I'm either taking a break or procrastinating, but this is just the post I needed to encourage me to continue to work on the Photoshop to Powerpoint to DVD presenation of guided prayers for our schools. Our church is having a 36 hour prayer vigil and they asked me to set up the "station" to pray for schools. My problem is that the prayer stop at my station should be about ten minutes and I could guide people in prayer for the school for 36 hours! What do I leave out? The school board and its critical decisions? The bullies on the bus? The lunch ladies? The special needs kids? Drug and alcohol tempations at the high school? The graduating seniors and their life choices?

Earth Girl | 02/23/2005 - 01:30 AM

Call me a major slacker....I thought I let you know, but I guess I didn't. Bruce has been coming to church with me since September. He was saved within a month of coming and baptized two weeks later. I'm so sure that your prayers were helpful.

It's so cute, him being the computer geek that he is even has the KJV on his palm pilot that he brings to Sunday School and Church every service.

He's even getting involved with the church, donating a lot of time and service to helping them fix up their servers and networks.

This has been great!

Sheilah | 02/23/2005 - 07:08 AM

Earth Girl: How great you're doing that! Personally, I like it when they send me home with an index card so I can remember to pray about it later. That way you could REALLY get some expansion out of your ten minutes!

Sheilah: That is SO fabulous! I don't necessarily think it was MY praying. Did I tell you I turned him in to our Sunday School class for praying? Some of them are truly talented at getting at the heart of the issue. For example, Dwayne (one of the guys that pushed me out of the mud when I parked in the non-parking-space) pointed out that he was praying Bruce just got closer to God because thats more important than being Baptist instead of Methodist or Presbyterian or Luthern (although some of those Lutherns are pretty liberal :)

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