Donut Tile, aka Tile That Makes My Husband's Eyes Roll

I've spent multiple hours in the local tile shop recently, looking at samples and catalogs and bonding with the employees. I've come to some conclusions.

First, Cassie is a fabulously well-behaved child. I've occassionally had my doubts, but exposure to truly horrid children at the tile shop has reinforced her image as a perfect angel, both in the minds of myself and the employees.

Second, in ten years no one will be making beige tile. While it may be all the rage right now, there's only so much beige a country can take before it just feels ... grimey. People looking for subtle sophisticated tile will be left out in the cold, looking in at the happy people with happy-colored reasonably-priced tiles. I keep this image in my head to console myself over the fact that right now I'm out in the cold, with NO pretty tile.

Third, anything can be had for a price. Which leads us to The Donut Tile.

I first saw The Donut Tile in an Anne Sacks catalog. As soon as I saw the image, I was staggered by its perfection for the "rainbow" bathroom. It was simply ... perfect. The colors were brilliant and clear, a myriad of shades and tones and tints.

Each tile was three distinct colors, each tile different from the tiles near it. Imagine a solid colored tile. Imagine a donut on that tile. Imagine the donut hole is a different color. Imagine hundreds of them creating a swirl of color as the surround for a tub/shower. I was mesmerized. I kept going back to that one image. I asked the employee to get a price-quote for me. As you're reading this on a monitor, I suspect that you're sitting down. Which is good. I was sitting down when the employee came back with the price.

That fabulous spectacular tile is ... $52 dollars. Per tile. Which makes it $468 per square foot.

I asked if I could borrow the catalog overnight so I could show it to my husband. The clerk almost choked. I pointed out I had absolutely NO intention of paying that for tile. Ever. How would I be able to sleep nights? But I wanted my husband to see the perfect tile. And to scan the image so I could show it to the tile-guy to see about having something similiar custom done. Or so I could do it myself with ceramic paint.

Even before he knew the price, my husband's eyes rolled up when he saw the picture of The Donut Tile. Admittedly, he managed to control the raised eyebrows. And didn't even flinch as he offered the sincere opinion that "well, its certainly something you would choose". Note: let me point out that I've chosen conservative neutral tiles for all the other bathrooms. In a completely acceptable price-range, as its neither my goal to bankrupt us nor to blind him.

As I have no real desire to take up ceramic painting at this point in my life, I've begun exploring other tile options. For example, there's no reason pool tile can't go in a shower. Pool tile comes in truly vivid color. REALLY shimmering and bright.

I can already tell that I'm going to drive another tile-guy to drink. So far, I've pushed two over the edge. There aren't that many left in town. Sometimes, I wonder about their stability in the first place. Surely I can't be the only thing that makes them mutter darkly in their sleep. Although, I have noticed that shortly after finishing my site the King-of-Fools closed up shop. Sure, he said it was because he was really really busy with his day job but ya' gotta wonder. I'm noticing a pattern!


Is this the one?

My husband will not appreciate you introducing me to Ann Sacks. I've been talking about tiles for the front porch/entry/garden room while he wants to put in wood floors (that he will mill himself.) I think the floors would be beautiful but I also know it would take him about five years.

Earth Girl | 08/22/2005 - 03:58 AM

Heehee. I remember seeing a quilt pattern called "Lazy Drunkard" and it was done with such pretty colors, I told dh right then that I wanted to take up quilting JUST so I could make that pattern, just had to have it.

Thankfully, I decided to try a small quilt wall hanging first, and discovered that I HATE quilting! There's a reason they can charge those astronomical rates for hand-made quilts...there will always be people like me to just have to have it and have no patience to make it!!


Leni | 08/22/2005 - 06:56 PM

YES!!! Thats SO it!

I love their description ... "a joyful, original collection of painted tiles that are an expression of optimism and imagination."

Although, let me warn you as I've been warned, different tile companies often but not always make their tiles incompatible with other companies by manipulating tile thickness.

Now my mother is on a quest for attractive tile. They need to rip out their bathtub and put in a walk-in shower. The problem is that the bathroom is tiled in the most fabulous blue/white swirly-cloud tile from about 30 years ago. She refuses to believe she can't find something similiar. Bwahahahahahaha!

Lucy | 08/22/2005 - 07:05 PM


Too funny! Made me laugh out loud.

I stumbled upon your blog from Sand in the Gears. I love your layout as well. Very original :)

Danielle | 08/23/2005 - 03:32 AM
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