The Check Is In The Mail

Nope! No reading for the husband! Bwahahahahaha .... And, yes, my head might explode from the effort of NOT telling him before next June!

And, yes, some of these posts run away with me but lets all remember ... if I write it down, I don't have to worry about forgetting the plan.

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

The check is kinda in the mail for the website. I started getting a little antsy about the domain being available so I wanted The King-of-Fools to go ahead and register the domain name. Actual website design starts after next month. A girl's got to save up her pennies ;) Or, in my case, embezzle those pennies cleverly from the household-budget account.

I noticed after I wrote the note accompanying the check that the daisy-check matched the daisy-stationery. That was TOTALLY unintentional. But kinda funny, if you think about it and me. I AM the woman whose 5 yr old tried to talk her into getting another baby by telling her that another baby would make things "symetrical, and I know how you love things to match". Up until that moment, I didn't know he knew the word symetrical. Its not like I use it every day!

Anyway, I've also picked the dates! The "Big Event" being a family reunion potluck dinner with each relative contributing a food they're "known for" will be on the first Saturday of June. Every June. Forever. I'm planning on that being a four-day weekend at our house this year (other years, other locations) With people arriving on Thursday. Since they'll be arriving all day/night we're having build-your-own-Mexican food. Its easy. And pretty. And I have the matching music. And, yes, I'm one of those people that have the matching music at dinner parties. Maybe Heavenly Pie (which involves cream-cheese, whipped cream, nuts, pineapple, sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice).

Incidentially, they'll be listening to jazz on the way here from the airport, station 88.7 on the radio. Not that I'm a control freak or anything! I've got a friend whose husband have a chauffers license for the big vans and is such a sweetie that he's willing to drive into the city to pick up people at the airport. Repeatedly.

Friday will be Italian night. Mostly because it will be hot, I want to serve something with a salad, and I have the matching Italian music. I'm thinking sphaghetti, fetticini alfredo, baked pizza-penne-casserole, maybe chicken parmesan (which my kids love), and maybe spinach manicotti. Notice that two are freezable, and the others prep-the-day-ahead nicely. Boil the noodles, I'm good to go! Plus a salad. Really fabulous salad dressings. Hmmmmm. Note to self: try to get the recipe for the Buttermilk Garlic dressing at Aubreys in Maryville TN.

Saturday will be the "Big Event", with a potluck dinner at our house or more probably at the localish national park which is lovely. Trails, streams, tables, etc. Hmmm. Maybe Lions Club park. Reserve the big pavillion by the playground ... or ... reserve the big pavillion over by the waterpark.

Activities to be planned in ... Caving which my husband loves and which I will not do. I went through child-birth, that trumps my obligation to go in a cave. ... Hot-air ballooning. This is real iffy. Depends on the cost and the availability of a QUALIFIED ballooner. Or balloonist. Or whatever they're called.

Continental breakfast each morning: cereal, pastries, fruit, coffee, milk, juice, egg casserole of some kind, or maybe quiche. Definitely Belgian Waffles (with chocolate ganauche, whipped cream, fresh strawberries in raspberry sauce, remember to plant mint for garnish) Ok, that last part sounds hard, but its really the easiest thing in the world.

First, get a Waring Pro Belgium Wafle maker. The kind that flips. Yeah, yeah, it retails high but you can get it about 70% off retail at SamsClub. Sometimes. Use Krusteaz waffle mix (yes, "mix", heresy) which has a lovely flavor, its super cheap, and is super quick. Add eggs, water, oil, stir, done.

Chocolate gaunache (don't kill me on the spelling): Fill a soup bowl with chocolate chips, cover with heavy cream until you just see chocolate chips poking through the top surface. Microwave on high (or cook on low heat) until the chocolate is melted. Stirring every 15 seconds, it takes about 45 seconds in the microwave. Its the best chocolate sauce on earth! My husband doesn't even LIKE chocolate, and I've caught him eating it with a spoon!

Real whipped cream. Buy a quart of heavy cream. Dump it in the mixer. Add a couple of heaping tablespoons of sugar. Add a dash of vanilla if you're in the mood. Turn on the whisk attachment. Watch until its fluffy. I can't for the life of me understand WHY crazy people use cool-whip!?!

Strawberries in raspberry sauce: This is a little harder, only because you have to remember to do it in advance. Buy frozen or fresh raspberries. Puree them in a blender or food-processor, let them sit overnight in a mesh strainer. It will catch the seeds and let the pulpy liquid stuff go through. Throw out the seeds, mix the liquid stuff with a few spoons of powdered sugar. Slice a few fresh strawberries. Mix them all together.

And put sprinkles on EVERYTHING! It might not be MY personal style, but Cassie really thinks it improves food in all forms. Who am I to argue!?!

Lunches each day will be mostly sandwich stuff. Breads from Panera. A ham from Honeybaked Ham, maybe a turkey (sliced ready for sandwiches). Wildy excessive selection of chips and dips. Cookies for dessert. Chocolate cihp, peanut butter, oatmeal cranberry, chocolate mint-sandwich, sugar cookies sandwiched with applesauce. All of those are "freezable" except fo the applesauce part.

I'm still looking for ideas for Sunday. Maybe just left-overs and airport departures? Maybe throw in a chicken-broccalli casserole for a little something new and different. Also, its freezable.


Got to remember this -- I'll need good photos and one of the boys at my sons' school is an excellant (ie award-winning) photographer.

I've discovered that kids work cheap :)

Lucy | 05/28/2006 - 04:14 AM

It is now as safe as yellow daiseys in a field without bulldozers.

King of Fools | 05/31/2006 - 01:19 AM
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