I Am Sprinkles!

"What food item is your blog?" Doesn't that sound like the most fun quiz ever? Maybe it just sounds that way because I'm off the sugar. Still. That doesn't mean I'm necessarily wrong. Just biased. Heavily in favor of sugar. Although right now I'm craving green-beans. Which is neither here nor there ...

"Stay focused" you might say. Or "Well, where is the super-duper-fun-quiz?" Or "Quizes are awfully restrictive, don't you think?" But, there's the beauty of it: I'VE made up the quiz and I've made it an ESSAY quiz! There it is: What food item is your blog?

Here's my results: My blog is ... SPRINKLES!

Some blogs are seriously informative and educational about current events. And technology. Some blogs are cutting edge and critical. Dissecting theories and (possibly trolls) in their frantic quest for readers. Some blogs are philosohical. Some blogs are sarcastic and clever. Some embrace and celebrate over-achieving like its an Olypmic sport. Some just whine. Incessently. Some archive deep thoughts.

My blog? It does ... nothing. No real particularly essential purpose. No one will ever check in here to see the latest developements on ... anything. No one will ever desperately need to log-in to check on ... anything. No political coverage. No earth-shattering society-leveling tell-all pieces.

But, in spite of all that nothingness, my blog is useful. For its very uselessness. Fun. Festive. Pretty. No real pressure. No real animosity. No real drama. A break from cranky reality. Just like sprinkles!

In "real" life I use a lot of Sprinkles. I buy the big tub-o-sprinkles because its cost-effective and then I figure if you have them you should use them! They're really good on waffles and whipped cream. And chocolate-dipped anythings. And carrot-cake. (I draw the line at mashed potatoes)

I like to cook. I especially like to cook things that people like to eat. Have you ever seen the look on children's faces when they see sprinkles? For that matter, have you ever seen the look on adults faces when they realize they actually get the sprinkles too? Most of them exhibit a little guilt, like they shouldn't take that much unbridled joy in sprinkles. Furtively looking around to see if they're about to be set upon by crazed children deprived of sprinkles, or maybe sophisticated fashionistas wearing DonnaKaren and beige lipstick. (Which is also how I think men and engineers feel when they read this site :)

Sprinkles have changed my life. The theory of "why NOT use the sprinkles?" has transferred over into my real life as "why NOT be happy?" Neither one really changes the reality. But it makes a big difference in the perception of reality. Maybe I should take the next scary step. Maybe I SHOULD put sprinkles on the mashed potatoes.


Fancy shredded cheese is the sprinkles of the savory world. It's all we use at our house - it's fun and festive, and makes potatoes look like they're going to a party instead of being zapped for Wednesday night leftovers.

Jennifer | 10/21/2006 - 11:51 PM

Oh! Oh! Oh! At our house, the favorite is Jack-Cheddar or Colby. You know, those multi-colored shreds :)

Lucy | 10/22/2006 - 03:20 AM

A blog about nothing...wouldn't that make you the Seinfeld of the blog world??? *snicker*

So, what's my blog? And if you say saurkraut, I will protest!

Leni | 10/23/2006 - 02:34 PM
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