Chicken Pox -- Lessons Learned

Most likely, all four children will NOT get the Chicken Pox at the same time.

The incubation period is 21 days.

It WILL scare the people in the waiting room at the doctor's office if the receptionist looks at the child and screams "He'll have to wait in the hallway outside. We'll come get you. Don't touch anything!"

Aveeno my foot! What you're really going to need is 40 pounds of epsom salt. And, yes, it does come in a bulk 4 pound bag at Walmart. Which is NOT near the little boxes of epsom salt, by the way, but instead over near the bandages.

IF you tell a small child they'll be taking an "oatmeal bath" they'll envision a tub full of oatmeal like they eat for breakfast and then TOTALLY freak out because they don't WANT to be covered in goop.

No matter how bad the itching, some boys will not appreciate being covered in Calamine lotion. Its pink.

You can get pox in your mouth. And your throat. And your ears. And your eyes! And your belly button. And your ... um ... private-areas-best-left-unmentioned-on-a-family-friendly-blog.

Brothers are good for all kinds of things. Like counting the spots on your back where you can't see them.

Blockbuster has a limit of 20 videos out at one time. And even then, they want an explanation after the first 10.

If you tell a small girl that touching the spots will make her sicker, and then try to hug her, she will scream militantly "DO NOT TOUCH MY SPOTS!" And she will definitely mean it. Except for her nose. Which had no spots.

Not having Chicken Pox can be problematic too. Some children will resist constant checking of their backs and arms for the first spots. "Mom. Seriously. No spots." I only wish you could see the eye-rolling that goes with it!


You poor thing! I remember as a kid, a friend convinced me and his little brother that he could shoot us with his finger and give us chicken pox! My wee little heart did not understand that you couldn't get chicken pox again.

Stinky boy.

How is everyone doing?

Leni | 01/15/2009 - 02:08 PM
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